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Show off your beautiful sparkling white smile and enjoy having a fresh breath. A water flosser will make sure your teeth and gums are always perfectly clean.

How Does a Water Flosser Work?

A water flosser uses a stream of water or water droplets to directly disintegrate and remove the plaque from your teeth. A dental water flosser will change your daily tooth hygiene. The water droplets will reach every hard-to-access area of your mouth including the spaces between your teeth, and perfectly clean your entire mouth cavity. What’s more, using an water flosser every day promotes blood circulation in your gums, making them healthier as well.

What Can You Put in a Water Flosser?

  • regular water
  • mouthwash
  • special solution for water flossers

Try the Philips water flosser or an Oral B one and prevent tooth decay.