Product description Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ Rich Naturals

Do you want to give your hair a vibrant yet natural shade whilst also covering up grey hairs? Then Wella Professionals Koleston Perfect ME+ Rich Naturals professional permanent hair dye is exactly what you’ve been looking for. Thanks to a unique formula with ME+™ and Pure Balance™ technologies, you no longer have to worry about the hair colouring process causing damage to your hair fibres or allergic reactions.


  • gives the hair a vibrant yet natural-looking colour
  • leaves hair beautifully shiny
  • covers grey hair perfectly
  • enables you to lighten your hair by up to three shades
  • significantly reduces the risk of allergic reactions during hair colouring
  • reduces the risk of hair damage


  • Pure Balance™ technology – reduces the risk of hair damage during hair colouring
  • ME+™ technology – reduces the risk of allergic reaction up to 60 times

How to apply:
mix the hair dye in your selected shade with the activating emulsion (not part of the kit). For best results, use the product with the Welloxon Perfect activator.

Which type of activating emulsion should you use for:

  • lightening by three shades → 12% 40 Vol. oxidant
  • lightening by two shades → 9% 30 Vol. oxidant
  • lightening by one shade or darkening/maintenance of the original shade with grey coverage → 6% 20 Vol. oxidant
  • darkening/maintenance of the original shade without grey coverage → 4% 13 Vol. oxidant

this is a professional hair dye which is intended for use in hair salons. The resulting colour always depends on the type and condition of the coloured hair.


Professional Hair Dye

About the brand Wella Professionals

Wella Professionals is a premium hair care brand which connects people through love and passion for hair. Thanks to almost 140 years of experience, Wella Professionals has a wide portfolio of top-quality products available in more than 150 countries around the world.

The brand has many original patents and their stellar quality is certified by numerous prestigious awards and famous hairdressers who have collaborated on their Wella hair products. Wella Professionals is a leading brand in hair dyeing. Wella hair dyes are always effective and bring professional and flawless results. You should also try a Wella shampoo and conditioner, Wella hair oil or fun and trendy Wella Colour Fresh temporary hair dyes.

In short, if you don’t want to compromise on your hair care and you’re always on the lookout for new and better products to keep your hair looking beautiful, Wella hair care is for you. Enjoy the feeling of having gorgeous hair.

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