WoodwickCinnamon Chai car air freshener Refill

Woodwick Cinnamon Chai car air freshener Refill
Woodwick Cinnamon Chai car air freshener Refill

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  • replacing the refill is quick and easy
  • a spicy aroma

How to use:
Follow the instructions included.

Important warnings

Keep out of reach of children.
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Character of home fragrance

The luxury scented candles by Woodwick will make your home feel warmer and cosier. The unmistakable sound of their wooden wick conjures up an image of a fireplace in a mountain log cabin covered in pristine white snow. Enjoy this unique and intense experience with all of your senses.

Every Woodwick candle contains several perfectly combined aromatic essences which blend together into a full, harmonious composition that fills your home with an incredibly beautiful scent. Their top-quality paraffin is enriched with soy wax to help the candle burn longer and make it more biodegradable.

The authentic fragrance compositions, the characteristic sound of crackling wood and the sophisticated design have made these candles customer favourites since 2006. The visual effect is even better thanks to the wooden cap and the organic shapes of the hand-blown glass jars. Woodwick candles will elevate your home and bring you many lovely moments.