Yankee Candle Turning Aroma Lamp (Grey)

      Brand: Yankee Candle

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      - place the aroma lamp on a flat and heat-resistant surface at a sufficient distance from other sources
      - put wax or fragrant oil in the bowl
      - put a tealight in the bottom part of the aroma lamp and light it
      - allow the heat to melt the wax or release the fragrant oil. The wax or oil will get hot during use.
       - hot wax or fragrant oil may cause burns. Let the hot wax or fragrant oil cool completely before handling.
      - once all the wax or fragrant oil is consumed, extinguish the tealight and allow the aroma lamp to cool before refilling the bowl
      - when the tealight burns out, let it cool and then throw it away
      - if there is some wax left in the bowl after use that you want to remove, let it cool and then push it out by pressing gently on one side. Do not use metal objects to clean wax from the aroma lamp. The aroma lamp could be damaged or break.


      Place the product only on heat resistant surfaces. Make sure that the aroma lamp is away from all flammable materials and sources of heat (e.g., TV, radiators). Do not move a burning aroma lamp. Keep out of reach of children and pets. Persons suffering from sensitivity to fragrances should use the product with caution.

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