Zendium Junior 7+Toothpaste for Children

Zendium Junior 7+ Toothpaste for Children
Zendium Junior 7+ Toothpaste for Children
50 ml

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Product description Zendium Junior 7+

The Zendium Junior 7+ toothpaste cleans children’s teeth perfectly and keeps them healthy and white.


  • guaranteed to be gentle on tooth enamel
  • prevents tooth decay
  • protects teeth effectively

How to use:
It is advisable to use the toothpaste at least twice a day, in the morning and evening, or after every meal.

About the brand Zendium

The Scandinavian brand Zendium was founded in 1969 by microbiologist Dr. Henk Hoogendoorn who specialised in high-quality dental care. The company focuses primarily on toothpaste which protects the oral cavity through the power of natural approach.

Our mouth contains a system of enzymes and proteins that are responsible for its protection. This system has become the basis for the development of the Zendium toothpaste, keeping it in perfect harmony with your oral cavity and helping to maintain its natural environment.

It is clinically proven that Zendium dental care protects the mouth, strengthens the gums, prevents the formation of plaque, and ensures fresh breath. Zendium toothpastes are gentle yet effective and contain a special foaming agent which doesn’t irritate soft tissue, unlike the most commonly used SLS.

Zendium products are recommended for oral care by top experts in dentistry. Make sure to include Zendium toothpaste in your daily routine, whether you suffer from sensitive teeth or you’re simply looking for quality oral care.

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