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Avène Cicalfate + reparative cream for irritated skin
Avène Cicalfate + reparative cream for irritated skin
The product is environment-friendly.
Complexion typesensitive, all skin types, atopic dermatitis
Skin typesensitive, all skin types, atopic dermatitis
EffectsCalming, Regeneration, Protection from the elements
Sun Protectionwithout SPF
When to useday and night
Route of Administrationtopical application to the skin, topical use
Does not containwithout comedogenic ingredients

Say good bye to irritated skin. Avène Cicalfate regenerating cream cleans and renews damaged skin of adults, kids, and infants.

This Avène cream for irritated skin contains active ingredients that regenerate your complexion, while preventing the reproduction of bacteria and irritation.


  • soothes irritated skin
  • renews your skin and provides quick relief
  • cleans skin and reduces the risk of spread of bacteria

Results after 14 days of testing:

  • in 97% cases dermatologists confirmed the product was well or very well tolerated
  • effectiveness of the product confirmed in 85% of the cases
  • 89% cases proved a significant or very satisfactory improvement of the irritation
    → clinical results of testing by 401 kids with child dermatosis – when applying twice a day


  • sucralfate – unique ingredient that provides quick relief
  • zinc and copper sulphates – reduce the risk of spread of bacteria
  • Avène thermal water – soothes irritated skin

How to use:
Apply the Avène Cicalfate cream for sensitive skin once or twice a day to areas with irritation and massage in gently using circular motions.

This cream’s formula in emulsion form is sensitive to low temperatures. This can lead to ingredient separation, manifesting itself in water leaking out when the tube is opened. Therefore, please store this product at over 5 °C. However, a small amount of liquid is normal because of the thermal water content.

AvèneCicalfate + reparative cream for irritated skin

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