Yope Sage & Green Caviar Hand Soap with Smoothing Effect

Yope Sage & Green Caviar Hand Soap with Smoothing Effect
Yope Sage & Green Caviar Hand Soap with Smoothing Effect
500 ml

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Monday 25/01/2021
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Monday 25/01/2021

Product description Yope Sage & Green Caviar

How brilliant would it be to wash your hands while feeling like you’re in the middle of a blossoming meadow? The Yope Sage & Green Caviar liquid soap with smoothing effect has a subtle aroma of sage and sea algae known as green caviar, gently cleans the skin of your hands and refreshes your mind.

Its 92% natural composition includes the unique TGA formula, a combination of cleansing agents which protect the lipidic film of your skin while being eco-friendly. The product is free of SLS, colourants and silicones, plus it comes in a large, eco-friendly packaging with a fun design.


  • cleans your hands gently
  • protects the lipidic film of your skin
  • subtle herbal fragrance
  • enhances skin elasticity
  • suitable even for sensitive skin
  • eco-friendly formula


  • TGA complex – cleans skin without dehydration
  • sage extract – helps fight bacteria
  • extract from the “green caviar” algae – provides vitamins
  • vitamin B5 and allantoin – soothe and regenerate skin
  • free of synthetic colourants, preservatives, SLS and SLES

How to apply:
Use the pump to apply the product, rub it in and then rinse. Your hands will be beautifully clean with a gorgeous scent.


Skin type
all skin types

About the brand Yope

Environmentally friendly ingredients, sustainable products, first-class quality, captivating scents and eye-catching design – this all and even more is Yope. The brand was founded by nature and aesthetics loving couple, Karolina and Paweł.

This husband-and-wife team longed for high-quality and sustainable products that would meet the needs of the whole family. They were aware of the lack of eco-friendly products at affordable prices, so they decided to create their own brand – Yope.

All Yope products consist of more than 90% of natural ingredients, refreshing botanical blends and no harmful synthetic aromas gentle on sensitive skin. Not only are Yope personal care and home care products skin-safe and suitable for children, but they are also nature-friendly. All Yope cleaning products bear the Ecolabel seal, and their packaging is recyclable. The adorable package design with quirky animal illustrations will steal your heart. These products will stand out on every shelf.

Treat yourself and your family to high-quality products rich in nourishing natural extracts. Yope products are friendly for home, people and the environment.

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