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Find the Best Lipstick

Did you know that lipstick is the most popular makeup product for women? No other makeup can change your expression as dramatically as a lipstick. We offer both red and nude, matte and glossy, creamy and liquid lipsticks. So which one will you go for?

How to Choose a Lipstick Based on Colour

  • Red lipstick will turn you into a femme fatale and give your lips a touch of sensuality. It’s a classic that suits people with blonde, black, or brown hair – all it takes is finding the right shade.
  • If you love a bit of eccentricity, you simply need a black lipstick. And in case you don’t feel quite so bold yet, you can always try a dark purple lipstick or a burgundy lipstick.
  • Not looking for too much attention? Try a pink lipstick. Light pink especially suits delicate, rosy skin, while a raspberry lipstick will be great for summer and winter skin tones. And all skin tones will look beautiful with a coral pink lipstick.
  • You can also create a softer look with a brown or nude lipstick. These are ideal especially if you’re going for an overall nude makeup – perfect for both daytime and going out.
  • If you like to change your makeup as the mood strikes you, a lipstick set will help you decide, save some money and do your lip makeup however you want to!

How to Choose a Lipstick Based on Effect and Properties

Matte and Glossy Lipsticks

  • Matte lipstick is a classic you can wear pretty much anywhere – from the office to a party. And your lips will always look velvety smooth! Pick the best matte lipstick according to colour as well as the size of your lips. The smaller your lips are, the lighter shade you need.
  • Glossy and shimmery lipsticks or even glitter lipstick look sensual as well as festive. While a daytime look might require more natural shades, at a party you can dazzle everyone with your metallic lipstick.

Long-lasting, Waterproof and Moisturising Lipsticks

  • A long-lasting lipstick will weather even your morning cup of coffee. No wonder these lipsticks are often also kiss-proof so you can snog your partner as much as you please. If you’d like to make sure it really stays on, use a lipstick primer or a lipstick sealer and make your lip makeup last all day long.
  • Looking for a lipstick to take with you on a beach holiday? Trust a good waterproof lipstick that will stay on even through rain or swimming.
  • If you’re dealing with dry lips, you should look for a moisturising lipstick with vitamins and oils to keep your lips looking healthy and fresh.

Our tip: Lipstick pencil is the most practical makeup product in the world! Now you can make your lips look perfect wherever you are.

Discover the best lipsticks from Lancôme, MAC Cosmetics, Maybelline, NYX Professional Makeup and other renowned brands!