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Relax and let a beautiful aroma transport you to a different world where you can feel happy. Try aromatherapy and enjoy its calming and healing effects!

A nice scent positively affects both your body and mind and offers you all the relaxation and invigoration you need after a long day. A carefully chosen scent can even prevent some ailments.

Popular Scents in Aromatherapy

Every scent works differently. Choose one that suits your needs, eases your pains and makes the whole room smell lovely. Simply pick up a nice scented candle, an aroma diffuser, scented oil or aroma lamp wax melt, or a catalytic lamp, and enjoy hours of blissful rest!

  • Lavender – soothes and acts against migraine and insomnia
  • Lemon – lifts your mood, helps with fatigue and promotes creativity
  • Rose – promotes blood circulation, helps with headache and depression, acts as an aphrodisiac
  • Tangerine – releases tension and feelings of sadness
  • Mint – refreshes and promotes brain function

Do you want to get the most out of aromatherapy? Create an ideal space for your self-care and relaxation. An aroma lamp can be a great visual interest in your room, especially along with other little things such as pillows or your favourite book.