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Struggling with greasy hair? Step out of the vicious cycle of daily washing and tying your hair up – we have a better solution!

How to get rid of oily hair? This problem is often caused by stress, hormonal imbalance and diet, but also the wrong hair care. Choosing the best shampoo for greasy hair is key to reducing the greasiness and give your hair more lift and volume.

Recommended Products for Oily Hair

Massage an oily-hair shampoo gently into the scalp using circular motions. Don’t scrub or apply too much pressure on your scalp. Always rinse your hair with lukewarm or cold water, because cold water closes your pores and reduces oiliness.

If your hair is extremely oily, experts recommend to train your hair and prolong the intervals between individual washes. The more often you wash your hair, the more sebum your scalp produces.

How can you hide oily hair without washing or putting it up in a bun? Try dry shampoo. It refreshes your hair and makes it look beautiful as if it was freshly washed!

What Else Helps with Oily Hair apart from a Shampoo?

What if shampoo is not enough to handle your oily hair? Try using a mask for oily hair once or twice a week to nourish your hair and remove excess sebum from your scalp.

Oily scalp will also benefit from a hair scrub which removes all impurities and residual styling products. In both cases you’ll be able to see the difference from the first application!

Oily Dandruff and Itching

Oily hair often comes with oily dandruff. In this case you’ll need a shampoo for oily dandruff which removes oily flakes and prevents new ones from occurring for up to several weeks.

If you’re dealing with itchy scalp, try a shampoo for oily hair with vitamin E which regenerates and soothes your skin. Another great solution are natural shampoos for oily hair. Apart from soothing your irritated scalp, they also leave behind a fantastic scent!

Notino.co.uk carries the best hair care for oily hair at amazing prices from Kérastase, Farmona and other experts on hair care!