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Blusher is a brilliant product that can truly transform your face. You can use a blush to make your face look healthier as well as correct your facial features or even make yourself look a few years younger. Just pick the right one and learn how to use it.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Blusher?

You can choose the shade of your blusher in two different ways: according to the colour of your lips, or the colour of your skin and hair. The first way is simple – look for a shade that matches the natural colour of your lips as closely as possible.

The second method is based on a simple rule: lighter types = lighter shades of blusher, darker types = darker shades of blusher:

  • Blonde hair: light pink or peach blusher
  • Dark hair: golden brown blusher or shades of burgundy, dark red and salmon
  • Red hair: peach blusher or a sand colour blush

Powder vs. Liquid Blusher: Which One Is Better?

It always depends on your skin type. A powder blusher will be better for combination to oily skin that can benefit from some mattifying action. However, if your skin is dry, especially in winter, you’ll fare better with a cream blusher. It brightens up your face without bringing out the imperfections, plus you can also use it as lipstick.

Tools for Blusher Application

You’re obviously going to need the right makeup brush. A powder blusher is best applied with a larger slanted brush – your goal is to gently dust your cheeks with the blush to create a light, airy effect. A thick layer will result in an unnatural, almost artificial look. A cream blusher should be ideally applied with a makeup sponge.

How to Apply Blusher

  1. Suck your cheeks in to accentuate your cheekbones and then apply your blusher.
  2. If you have a wider face, apply the blusher vertically and in from your ears towards your nose.
  3. If you have a narrow face, apply your blusher horizontally.
  4. In case you put on too much blusher, dust it off with a clean brush and then soften it with a bit of powder.

Shop our blush section to find a handy blusher stick, blush palette for various occasions, or a cream blusher with juicy effect. While you’re at it, you can also get a nice highlighter or bronzer.