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Enjoy the feeling of perfectly clean teeth and a fresh breath every day. A single-tufted brush will reach even the hard-to-access areas of your mouth and remove all remnants of food and plaque.

Benefits of a Single-Tufted Toothbrush

Thanks to its small size, a single-tufted toothbrush will reach every area of your mouth, making it perfect for people with braces who really need to thoroughly clean every crevice. A single-tufted toothbrush is perfect for everyone and will form a wonderful team with your regular toothbrush and your interdental brush.

A single-tufted toothbrush will help you to perfectly clean all sides of your teeth including those areas that are normally hard to reach. Pick up a nice single-tufted toothbrush by TePe, Vitis, or Curaprox, and enjoy the feeling of sparkling white and healthy teeth.