Breast Pads

Breast Pads for a Dry Feeling during Nursing

Protect your clothes from stains. Nursing pads a.k.a. breast pads are an essential product for parents during breastfeeding. They offer a discreet protection of your sensitive nipples and prevent any milk from leaking through the bra and into your clothes.

Types of Nursing Pads

Breast pads are made of soft, absorbent and very breathable materials that will keep your nipples dry and warm while preventing any irritation caused by rubbing against your bra. They stay perfectly in place thanks to handy self-adhesive strips and don’t move around in your bra.

  • Disposable breast pads are made of highly absorbent, thin materials, and you can throw them out once they get soaked with milk. This type of nursing pads is great to keep in your handbag or changing bag, offering you a discreet protection wherever you are.
  • Cloth breast pads are made of breathable cotton or bamboo fabric. These reusable breast pads can be used repeatedly after they’ve been washed. Always wash your cloth nursing pads before the first use and never treat them with fabric softener which might decrease their absorbency.
  • Silicone breast shells are special shields made of thin silicone. These silicone nursing pads perfectly adhere to the breast and protect the nipples from chafing while collecting any excess breast milk and preventing it from leaking through your clothes.

How Often Should You Change Your Breast Pads?

During the first few weeks of breastfeeding, we recommend changing the nursing pads after every time you breastfeed because the lactation process has not yet stabilised. Once your lactation adapts to your baby’s needs, you can start changing the nursing pads as necessary. Change your breast pads every time they get saturated with liquid and stop working.

How to Correctly Use a Breast Pad

  • Remove the product from the packaging.
  • Remove the self-adhesive strip cover.
  • Place the pad in your bra at nipple-level.
  • Use the self-adhesive strip to secure the pad to the bra cup.

Using these discreet breast pads will help you prevent unwanted staining on your clothes during nursing – plus they’re very easy to use. Get disposable or washable nursing pads and enjoy a dry, comfortable feeling during the first months of breastfeeding.