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A Lip Gloss Is Always a Good Idea!

When you’re not sure, go for a lip gloss. While trends might change all the time, you can never go wrong with sexy, glossy lips. Not to mention that a lip gloss can do so much more. It can moisturise your lips, make them optically bigger or provide a lovely colour. So let’s find the right lip gloss for you.

Clear or Colour Lip Gloss?

  • Clear, colourless lip gloss is an essential part of any beauty stash. It’s like the white shirt in your wardrobe. A universal piece you can wear on its own if you’re creating a nude look, you want to let your eyes be the centre of attention, or add some shine to your lipstick. If you’re looking for a lip gloss for your kid, a clear lip gloss will be a perfect choice.
  • Tinted or colour lip glosses combine the properties of a lip gloss and a lipstick, which means you can alternate them with your favourite glossy lipstick.
  • Pink lip gloss is very universal and flattering. It suits 15-year-old girls as well as older women. You can choose from a range of shades from bright raspberry to dusty rose or even nude, all based on your taste or the colours of your outfit.
  • If you want an iconic red lip, there’s no need to automatically reach for a lipstick. A high-coverage red lip gloss will create a dramatic, sexy and feminine look with a striking effect.
  • The right shade of lip gloss can also make your teeth look optically whiter! If you have slightly yellow teeth, try a lip gloss with a blue or generally cool undertone which neutralises yellow shades.

Tip: Looking for the one perfect shade, or simply enjoy trying different colours? Then you’ll love a lip gloss set! A set will allow you to change your lip colour every day.

What Else Should Your Lip Gloss Be Able to Do?

  • A long-lasting lip gloss is a must-have product for those who want to look flawless even after eating lunch, kissing, or sipping cocktail in a bar. Long-lasting lip glosses are often 2-step products. First you apply the colour, and then a high-shine finishing coat. This means you’ll need an effective makeup remover to get rid of the product.
  • Are your lips often dry and rough? Then get a moisturising lip gloss which prevents dehydration. These products contain ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or shea butter, which means they can be used as a lip balm during the day.
  • Matte Lip Gloss or Shimmery Lip Gloss? Ideally both. Matte lips are perfect for an elegant and sophisticated business look. Glittering lip gloss will make you shine at any party or summer festival, plus it makes your lips appear fuller.

Plumping Lip Gloss

  • Remember that this type of lip gloss causes slight tingling and a subtle cooling or stinging effect after application.
  • Plumping lip gloss enhances microcirculation to leave your lips smoother and visibly fuller.
  • The desired effect is achieved with ingredients such as collagen and extracts from chilli, pepper or mint.