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Eyeshadows are a fantastic way to bring out the colour of your eyes! A good eyeshadow palette will help you master any eye makeup with ease. If you’re looking for makeup products you can travel with or put in your handbag, try an eyeshadow pencil or mono compact eyeshadows. Contact lens wearers will love creamy and liquid eyeshadows, and a date or business meeting on a rainy day calls for waterproof eyeshadow.

Choosing the right colour of eyeshadow is half of your success. You should pick the best shade according to your colour type and the colour of your eyes. To achieve the best possible result, the shade of your eyeshadow should contrast with the colour of your eyes.

If you want to look put-together and natural, try a nude eyeshadow palette that suits eyes of any colour! However, if you’re going out, you should pick eyeshadows that are more colourful or shimmery.

What Colour of Eyeshadow Will Suit Your Eyes?

Eyeshadows for Blue Eyes

When it comes to eye makeup, people with blue eyes have many different options! Those with light blue eyes can use dark brown, light pink or purple eyeshadows, while metallic colours will suit sky blue eyes. If your eyes are blue-green, try an apricot eyeshadow.

Eyeshadow for Green Eyes

Green eyes look best with purple eyeshadow. If purple is not exactly your cup of tea, try lighter colours such as cream, silver or pink eyeshadow, or brighten up your eyes with an intense blue eyeshadow. Your best choice for a night out will be metallic gold.

Eyeshadows for Brown Eyes

Brown eyes are best complemented by beige, apricot or green eyeshadow. Always choose strongly pigmented or light shades to make your eyes really stand out. For your evening makeup, go for a smokey-eye look.

Eyeshadow for Grey Eyes

Grey eyes are quite rare and deserve to be noticed! They will look lovely with any intense or glitter eyeshadow – try for instance gold eyeshadows for evening occasions and purple or orange eyeshadows for daytime.

How to Apply Eyeshadow – 3 Rules for a Perfect Result

  1. Use eyeshadows in a maximum of 3 colours.
  2. Apply darker colours to the outer corners of your eyes and lighter ones towards the inner corners.
  3. Before putting on any eye makeup, apply a good eyeshadow base to make the colours last longer.

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