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Playful Baby Dish Sets and Other Tableware for Kids

Make dinner time more fun! A kids’ dish set in playful shapes with adorable pictures will help your child enjoy eating and clear their plate without protest. Find out how to choose the best dishes for kids that will save you some time and can even withstand a few bumps and falls to the floor.

How to Choose Dishes for Kids?

If you’re starting your baby on complementary foods, it’s time to buy some sturdy and safe tableware and cutlery. Apart from lovely colours, size and material, you should also find out if the dishes are:

  • easily storable
  • microwave safe
  • dishwasher safe

Materials of Kids’ Tableware

Dishware for children has to be completely safe and non-toxic. Here are some of the most popular materials:

  • Silicone tableware for kids is durable, easy to wash, and comes in a wide variety of shapes and colours.
  • Bamboo tableware for kids is light, eco-friendly and very sturdy.
  • Wooden tableware for kids is very aesthetically pleasing and shock-resistant.
  • Kids’ tableware made of PVC-certified plastic is resistant to wear-and-tear and can be made from sustainable raw materials. No oil, phthalates or heavy metals should be used in the manufacturing process.
  • Glass and porcelain are a timeless classic suitable for older, more independent kids.

Types of Children’s Tableware

Apart from baby bottles, you’ll soon need some shock-resistant bowls and baby spoons for purees which often come in beautiful dish sets for babies. Once you start taking food with you when out and about, you also need to get some travel bottles, a food thermos, sealable lunch boxes for kids and other useful products. Don’t forget to buy a nice baby bib with a pocket or with sleeves to protect your baby’s clothes while they’re eating.

  • Baby bowls are a great way to help your kid feed themselves more independently. A baby bowl should be made of a very durable material because it will often end up on the floor – so get for instance one with a handy suction cup on the bottom.
  • Baby plates with funny pictures are an essential type of dishware for kids. You can choose from a wide selection of shapes and designs for both boys and girls. Try for instance a plate with sections that allows you to sort the food by type or colour, or a deep soup plate for kids.
  • Kids’ cutlery helps their little hands with the correct grip and makes them more independent. Pick the right baby spoon for complementary foods or a kids’ knife and fork depending on your child’s age.
  • Baby cups come in a wide variety of shapes and designs, giving you endless options to choose from. Sippy cups with a straw are great for kids who are only just starting to learn how to drink, while cups with a lid can be especially handy when you’re taking your kid for a little stroll.
  • Thermoses for food and drink help your kid eat and drink comfortably while you’re travelling by keeping the contents warm (or cold) for several hours.
  • Sealable lunch boxes with playful pictures can be used for little snacks or to store various foods.
  • Fresh food feeder dummy (sometimes called a fruit feeder) can be used for fresh fruit, vegetables or baked goods when your baby is switching from liquid foods to solids.
  • A baby dish set usually includes everything your baby needs for eating – a plate, a bowl, often a set of kids’ cutlery and a lovely little cup in matching colours.

Looking for a cute dish set for your baby, shock-resistant dishes with suction cup, a fresh fruit feeder or a baby plate? Take a pick from our wide selection of colourful kids’ tableware with playful motifs and make your child look forward to munching on something tasty! Find a wide variety of baby products at