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Dreaming of having a beautifully brown skin all year long? A good bronzer will help you get a tan in a matter of minutes and give you that amazing holiday look. Some bronzers can be also used for face contouring. All you need to do is follow some basic rules.

What Bronzer Should You Go For?

If you’ve never used a bronzing product, first try a bronzing powder or bronzing pearls. Both of these types of bronzers are really easy to use. You can use a brush to apply them under your cheekbones, on your temples, along your chin and on the sides of your nose while building up the intensity. Loose bronzers are easy to blend out so you can avoid an unwanted appearance.

Apart from loose bronzers, you can also buy a liquid bronzer or a bronzing stick. It only takes a little bit of practice to create a very natural effect of tanned skin.

What to Use to Apply Your Bronzer?

It all depends on how handy and experienced you are and what you prefer. If you have enough practice, you can use a makeup sponge. In case you’re more of a beginner, we recommend a larger brush that will give you a natural look.

Try the Catrice bronzer or bronzing powders by L'Oréal Paris and NYX Professional Makeup and give your skin a glowing tan!