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Breast Pumps

Breast pumps are a great product that helps you quickly pump out breast milk while stimulating lactation and offering a 24-hour relief from the pain caused by full breasts between nursing. Whether you want to store the milk to feed your baby later, or you’re having trouble teaching your child to latch on, you can find the best breast pump at Notino!

Benefits of Breast Pumps

  • Stimulates milk flow and solves certain problems with lactation and breastfeeding.
  • Opens the milk ducts before or after nursing.
  • Suitable for people who have given birth through a C-section, or in cases when the baby was born prematurely and cannot be breastfed in the standard way.
  • Allows you to store breast milk for later or let other members of your household feed the baby.
  • Using a breast pump with suction is much more comfortable than using a standard one.
  • A breast pump doesn’t take up much space and comes in handy during travelling.

How to Choose the Right Breast Pump

We offer both manual and electric breast pumps you’ll definitely appreciate during the nursing period. Make sure to consider how often will you be pumping breast milk, how large the container should be, what mechanism it should use, etc. We’ll tell you how to pick the right breast pump for you.

Types of Breast Pumps

  • A manual breast pump is suitable for people who don’t have problems with lactation and simply need some help thoroughly emptying their breasts or pump some milk for storage from time to time. A manual breast pump comes with an attachment that creates a vacuum. When you press the piston, the device stimulates the breast and allows the milk to slowly drip into the container. Manual breast pumps tend to be more affordable, but they offer less comfort.
  • An electric breast pump offers a better comfort when you pump breast milk on a regular basis. If you need to stabilise increased lactation and facilitate the flow several times a day, using an electric breast pump will be faster and more effective than going with a manual one. Once again the suction head creates vacuum, however the breast stimulation is automatic and you can choose both the intensity and the speed of suction. Electric breast pumps are either battery-operated, mains-powered, they come with a USB charging cable, or they have a combination of different power options.

Container Size

Breast pump containers vary in size from 120ml and 300ml. You should take into consideration how much milk you’ll need to pump every day and whether the pump comes with spare milk containers. You can usually also find spare bottles for your breast pump.

Method of Pumping

  • A one-step breast pump is suitable for people who don’t experience any problems with lactation. This type of breast pump allows you to adjust the vacuum to make the process feel as comfortable as possible.
  • A two-step breast pump is good for those who need to start up and stabilise their lactation after childbirth. This type of breast pump closely emulates actual breastfeeding and uses a two-step process – first it stimulates and prepares the breast while creating suction without leakage, and then it starts a lactation phase when the pumping itself happens.
  • A three-step breast pump is good for those who experience problems with breastfeeding. It helps stabilise and increase lactation by adding a massage step to the suction and stimulation steps.

Other Functions of a Breast Pump

Some breast pumps come with additional features that can make the whole process more comfortable. They might include:

  • A massage pad that reduces breast pain.
  • A display that shows battery charge.
  • A stimulating mode that improves lactation.
  • An intensity setting.

How to Use a Breast Pump Correctly?

Make sure to read the instructions carefully before you start using the device. In general, the mother should be calm and relaxed, and the pumping itself should be preceded by a gentle breast massage, a cup of hot tea, warming-up in the shower or a with a hot compress.

A breast pump will be your essential product during the complicated time of breastfeeding, solve some problems with lactation and offer relief from breast pain. Shop our wide selection of breast pumps today.