Lip mask

Dreaming of perfectly smooth lips? A lip mask is a great product to use along with a lip balm that takes care of daily hydration.

Try a nice lip mask and enjoy having perfectly moisturised lips that look fantastic from the first glance, or touch. A mask also helps the area around your mouth and prevents premature wrinkles from forming.

How to use a lip mask?

Lip masks usually come in the form of a big lip-shaped gel pad and they’re very easy and even fun to use. Remove the lip mask from the packaging and stick it to clean lips. The mask has to stay on for about 15 minutes – always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. You can use this time to snap a cool selfie with your giant lips. Finally, take the mask off your lips.

Don’t forget other lip care products

Apart from a lip balm and lip mask, try also the effects of a lip scrub which removes dead skin cells, promotes circulation and softens your lips. Use a scrub before putting on a mask to enhance its effects.

Try a lip mask by Avon, Korika, or Kocostar, and enjoy perfectly hydrated lips that will make any lipstick look much better!