Hair dryer brush

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Create the straight or wavy hairstyle you’ve been dreaming of in a matter of minutes.

With a good hot air styler (or a hair styler brush) by a brand such as Philips, Babyliss, or Rowenta, your style can be absolutely perfect.

Benefits of a hair styler brush

  • A hot air styler or a hair styler brush combines the function of a hair dryer and a round brush.
  • A hot air styler can be used on wet, semi-dry, or dry hair to create the desired style.
  • Most hair styler brushes have attachments for different hair lengths, so you can use them no matter how long your hair is.

How to pick the best hair dryer brush?

  1. Materials of the brush – you can choose a stainless steel, ceramic, or tourmaline brush. The last one is the gentlest on your hair.
  2. Rotation rotating hot air stylers have a rotating brush for an easier styling than with a static hair dryer brush.
  3. Input – indicates how effective the air styler is. Typical figures are from 50W to 1200W. This number should correspond with the complexity of your style.
  4. Hot air styler functions – more settings means more options. Some of the most useful ones are cold air, ionisation, reverse rotation, or an automatic off switch for better safety.
  5. Temperature – helps you protect your hair from damage.
  6. Speed – thanks to the option of changing speed, you can choose the best setting for your desired style.