Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss fragrances | Hugo Boss is without a doubt one of the most famous contemporary fashion houses. Unlike many other brands, it caters mostly to men, designing high-quality clothing, footwear, watches, wallets, fragrances, deodorants, shower gels and other goods.

The company was founded by a German tailor Hugo Ferdinand Boss in 1924. Its expansion was temporarily halted by the ascent of the Third Reich, however after the end of the war, the business became prosperous again. To celebrate its sixtieth anniversary in 1984, Hugo Boss started producing fragrances. Since then, the company has collaborated with the likes of Jean-Marc Chaillan or Annick Menardo.

The Hugo Boss brand is very serious about respecting the needs and wishes of its customers. The company is not afraid to try new things, like for instance joining forces with Porsche and thus becoming the first sponsor in motosport. When developing new beauty products, Hugo Boss pays extra attention to the quality of ingredients and makes sure every product is carefully tested.

Today, Hugo Boss is pretty much the king of menswear, although the brand has produced several women’s collections and also perfumes for women (Boss Femme or Boss Woman to name but two).

Hugo Boss is the right brand for any modern, confident and active man who wants to accentuate his unique personality.

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