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Hugo Boss

About Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has become synonymous with luxury and high quality in men's fashion, accessories and cosmetics. Since its inception, it has been sought after for its high-quality fabrics and its German eye for detail and precision.

Hugo Boss prides itself on its efforts to fulfil the needs and wishes of all its customers. The same applies to cosmetics, where the firm places great emphasis on selecting ingredients of only the best possible quality. Thanks to this approach, Hugo Boss is the de facto ruler of the world of men's fashion, but it also makes a range of perfumes and exclusive clothing for women.

The first Hugo Boss fragrance was developed in the 1990s; today, the brand offers several lines of modern women's and men's perfumes tailored to the contemporary lifestyle. Hugo Boss perfumes are created with a high degree of precision with the intention of reflecting the strong personality of their wearer and underlining their beauty.

Hugo BOSS: Be the Boss of Your Style

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s never heard of Hugo Boss. In their approximately 100 years of existence, a small company employing 20 seamstresses became Hugo Boss the fashion giant and one of the leaders in the world of high-end fashion and fragrance. Hugo Boss now has almost 15,000 employees in more than 127 countries.

The wide portfolio and top quality of Hugo Boss products are represented by their claim which promises that Hugo Boss customers will be perfectly dressed for any occasion and under any circumstances. Whether its a Hugo Boss suit, Hugo Boss shoes, or fragrances for men and women – all Hugo Boss products always perfectly fit their wearer. The Hugo Boss know-how is concentrated in the German town of Metzingen where the story of the brand originally started.

Origins of the Hugo Boss Brand

Hugo Ferdinand Boss was born on 8 July 1885 as the fifth child of Heinrich Boss and his wife Luise who ran their own underwear shop. In 1924, the designer Hugo Boss opened his own clothes factory where he employed 20 to 30 seamstresses and specialised in all lines of clothing.

Despite all the historic events that influenced and defined the brand’s trajectory over the years, Hugo Boss is still a prominent company – and it’s their contemporary production which most defines Hugo Boss and what they offer to their customers.

Hugo Boss as HUGO and BOSS

Up until the spring of 2018, all the Hugo Boss sunglasses, fragrance, Hugo Boss watches, dresses, Hugo Boss suits and Hugo Boss slippers bore the same Hugo Boss logo. However, in the spring of 2018, the Hugo Boss portfolio split into the brands BOSS and HUGO. Both offer clothing, accessories, and fragrances that still meet the high quality standards of the original Hugo Boss brand – but they can now better cater to the needs of their respective target groups. So which one speaks to you more?

Hugo. Boss.

The brand BOSS represents mainly top-quality business wear as well as casual wear for both men and women. Hugo Boss men’s watches, dresses, Hugo Boss BOSS fragrances and other BOSS products are sophisticated and always bring the highest quality in the most impeccable design.

The Hugo Boss HUGO line is for everyone who likes to create trends instead of just following them. The brand’s daring yet casual approach is reflected in everyday wear as well as the Hugo Boss HUGO fragrances for women, watches, or Hugo Boss trainers. Hugo Boss HUGO is particularly geared towards younger customers.

Hugo Boss Fragrance

Across the Hugo Boss BOSS and Hugo Boss HUGO brands, Hugo Boss fragrances have been some of the most popular products. The Hugo Boss EDT and EDPs are joined by many Hugo Boss after-shave splashes and deodorants.

HUGO BOSS Fragrances for Men

The Hugo Boss BOSS Bottled has become an icon among the Hugo Boss men’s fragrances. The Hugo Boss Bottled Eau de Toilette is another bestseller which inspired a number of different variations. The Hugo Boss Bottled Night, Hugo Boss Bottled Intense, Hugo Boss Bottled Unlimited or Tonic and Oud have been popular with men all around the world.

The BOSS Bottled line also includes after-shave lotions and deodorants. A Hugo Boss gift set is sure to be a hit with every modern man.

Hugo Boss BOSS The Scent is the star of another successful Hugo Boss line which captured the senses of many men. This seductive fragrance later also came in different versions including Boss The Scent Private Accord, or even deeper Boss The Scent Absolute and Boss The Scent Intense.

Hugo Boss is also popular with the younger generation of men who often prefer the Hugo Boss HUGO fragrances. They especially favour the lines Hugo Boss HUGO Man, HUGO Just Different, HUGO Reserved, or HUGO Iced.

Hugo BOSS Fragrances for Women

Just like Hugo Boss aftershave, Hugo Boss fragrances for women are a symbol of luxury. The Hugo Boss BOSS Ma Vie perfumes are popular for their delicate elegance – both the BOSS Ma Vie Eau de Parfum and the Eau de Toilette have seen huge success and are rightly seen as iconic. Boss The Scent For Her is another comprehensive line which became a bestseller along with its Boss The Scent For Him counterpart.

The whole line is defined by irresistible sensuality: from the first and completely unique Boss The Scent Eau de Parfum to the deeper and more intense Boss The Scent Absolute and Boss The Scent Intense, as well as the passionate Boss The Scent Private Accord Eau de Parfum. No matter which Hugo Boss perfume you choose, it will always become a sensual treat for you or the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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