Best-Selling Fragrances

Best sellers

When looking for a new fragrance, trust the most popular perfumes beloved by our customers. We’ve put together a list of best-selling fragrances for women and men to make your decision a little easier. Whether you’re searching for your new signature or selecting a gift for a loved one, our selection has something for everybody.

Lancôme, Burberry, Lanvin, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Karl Lagerfeld or Dior – those are only a few of the famous names behind the world’s best-selling fragrances. Which one will be your favourite?

Most Popular Women’s Fragrances

The best-selling women’s perfumes tend to be floral, fruity and oriental. Immerse yourself in the aroma of jasmine, orange blossom, orchid, juicy pear, vanilla or rare woods. What is the best perfume for women according to our customers?

Most Popular Men’s Fragrances

Best perfumes for men often have an aromatic, fougère, spicy or woody character. Give in to the captivating scent of sage, cedar wood, fresh bergamot or manly vetiver. These are the 3 best-selling men’s fragrances:

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