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Do you want your eyes to look bright and without wrinkles, swelling, or dark circles?

Then don’t underestimate the importance of eye care – using an eye cream on a regular basis will help you with signs of both fatigue and ageing.

Why Do You Need a Special Cream for Your Eye Area?

  • The skin around your eyes is very thin and delicate, which makes it more prone to showing signs of fatigue and ageing. To keep it looking young as long as possible, you need to use an eye cream with the right formula and texture.
  • A regular day cream can irritate the sensitive skin around your eyes. Use a gentle eye cream to avoid burning sensations.
  • Eye creams take care of specific problems in the eye area. You can pick up a special cream for dark under-eye circles or for swelling around the eyes.

How to Apply Eye Cream:

  • Clean the skin thoroughly before using the cream.
  • Apply a few dots of eye cream under your eye and on your upper lid.
  • Pat the cream in gently with your fingertips.
  • Massage the residual cream in gently in a few strokes from the inner corner of your eye outwards.

Best Eye Creams Based on Specific Problems

Pick an eye cream based on the issue you’re dealing with! Research the benefits of each product and find the right one:

  • An anti-wrinkle eye cream will tighten the skin of your eye area, fill fine lines, and prevent new wrinkles.
  • An eye cream for dark circles improves the microcirculation of blood in your skin and lightens dark circles.
  • A moisturising eye cream is fantastic not just for people with dry skin – plus the hydrating ingredients give you a feeling of freshness.
  • An eye-bag cream reduces swelling, strengthens and tightens skin.
  • A cream for droopy eyelids will lift your eyelids and make your eye area look refreshed – it’s an ideal product for mature skin.
  • Multi-purpose creams can handle several problems at once and offer you a comprehensive care.

Eye Gel, Eye Cream, or Serum?

Apart from cream-based eye products, you can also try some eye gels. Thanks to their formulas, they usually absorb easily, don’t leave your skin feeling oily, and are very refreshing. If you’re looking for extra gentle care, buy an eye serum which penetrates deep into the skin and regenerates it intensively.

Our tip: Once a week, use an intensive eye mask to give your skin a boost of new energy!