Face Powder

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No more visible imperfections. A good powder will handle unwanted shine, set your makeup and even out your skin tone without causing dryness. Find the best powder at notino.co.uk!

Why Is Powder an Essential Makeup Product?

  • It sets and protects your foundation for more long-lasting results and evens out your skin tone.
  • It’s a perfect mattifying product which absorbs shine. Only a few sweeps of a brush – and no more unwanted shine or redness.

Best Powders Based on Effect and Consistency

We carry a wide selection of mattifying, illuminating and setting powders for a perfect, long-lasting makeup look. But how to find the best powder for your skin?

Powders According to Their Form:

  • Classic loose powder will give your skin a healthy, velvety look without any imperfections. It absorbs excess sebum, which makes it an ideal mattifying powder for oily skin.
  • Compact powder is a solid, pressed powder which comes in one block. It’s easy to carry and great for travelling.
  • Powder pearls are made from powder that’s been pressed into the form of colourful little spheres. These are able to brighten up your skin, give you a tanned look or correct small imperfections such as redness and uneven skin tone.

Powders According to Colour:

  • Transparent powder is a colourless powder popular with many women. It sets your makeup perfectly to make it look flawless all day long as if you’ve just applied it. It also blends perfectly into any skin tone, helping you achieve the most natural results.
  • Bronzing powder is brilliant for those with pale skin. This contouring powder will be especially great for people who want to achieve a tan effect in autumn or winter.
  • Cover powder that matches your skin tone will even out your skin and hide small imperfections.

Special Face Powders

  • Mineral powder is made from finely milled minerals which reflect the light and protect your skin from harmful radiation. This powder is great for dry skin because it doesn’t cause dehydration.
  • Powder foundation is a 2-in-1 product which covers imperfections just like foundation and leaves your skin beautifully mattified.
  • Illuminating powder brightens up your face gorgeously and gives it a youthful look.

How to Apply a Face Powder?

  • Apply your powder using a powder puff, sponge or brush.
  • When putting on your day look, use a brush, because you want to mostly focus on mattifying your T-zone. This ensures more subtle and natural results.
  • A powder puff makes for a more lasting effect because it applies more powder. This is ideal for evening looks or applying your powder on your jaw and neck.

Trust quality and find a natural, mineral or non-comedogenic powder from one of world-renowned brands at notino.co.uk!