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Sol de Janeiro

Sol de Janeiro

If you got it, love it and flaunt it – that’s how Brazilian culture approaches physical beauty. The American brand Sol de Janeiro took this positive message of the Brazilian people and uses it to celebrate everything unique and joyful. Sol de Janeiro cosmetics offer Brazilian beauty without strict rules or definitions. These fragrances, body care, skin care and hair care products love you and your body – and you’ll be sure to fall in love with them in return.


Sol de Janeiro was founded in 2015 when Heela Yang along with the brand’s future creative director Marc Capra formulated the philosophy of the Sol de Janeiro beauty: To love your own body no matter what it looks like, take care of it and show off its best features. This belief is also represented by their first ever product, the Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream. You can of course use it all over your body, but it was clearly inspired by one specific part which the Brazilians especially adore, revere, and lovingly take care of. So why not use this softening and firming bum cream with a beautiful fragrance on the rest of your skin?

Discover Sol de Janeiro and get transported to the sunny Brazil where you can experience the joy of endless summer. Try the absolutely iconic Brazilian Bum Bum Body Butter cream or the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Crush fragrance line. As the brand’s creators point out, catering to all of your senses is the key to the Brazilian idea of beauty. A Sol de Janeiro fragrance is both a sensual and sensory thing, a joyful product representing what people in Brazil call “cheirosa” or “deliciously fragrant”. The Sol de Janeiro Cheirosa 71 fragrance will be your perfect starting point. You might also like the  Coco Cabana Cream Sol de Janeiro which softens the skin of your body no matter how dehydrated it is.

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