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Brow Pencil

Give your brows the perfect shape, bring out your eyes and make your face more expressive. A brow pencil in the right shade should be part of your makeup routine, because it frames the face and accentuates a daytime look as well as an evening makeup.

Benefits of Brow Pencil

  • Gives your brows the shape you need.
  • Fills in sparse areas.
  • It’s easy to remove or touch-up.

How to Pick the Right Shade of Brow Pencil?

The shade of your eyebrow pencil depends on the natural colour of your brows. If there’s a significant difference between the colour of your eyebrows and hair, try going for a shade that’s as close to your hair as possible. A brow pencil that is too dark will look unnatural and ruin your otherwise perfect makeup look.

  • Brown eyebrow pencil is ideal for brunettes, but it can also serve as a suitable brow pencil for blondes. All you need to do is find the right shade. Plus, you can change its intensity by starting with light strokes and then putting on a little bit more pressure.
  • Black brow pencil is only ever suitable for people with black hair.

What Are Some Other Ways to Accentuate the Brows?

A brow pencil is not the only way. If you don’t like using them, try other products designed for creating the best eyebrow makeup:

  • Brow eyeshadow naturally adds colour to your brows and gives them shape. It’s usually applied with a special slanted brow brush and the shape should follow the upper edge of your eyebrows. Finish by brushing through your brows with a spoolie.
  • Similar to a brow pencil, an eyebrow marker allows you to draw individual brow hairs.
  • Brow pomade or brow wax offers a long-lasting accentuating effect. All you need for its application is a suitable brush.
  • A brow gel or brow mascara gently brings out the colour of every single hair in your brows, resulting in a subtle and natural effect.

Tip: Do you need your eyebrow makeup to stay on as long as possible even in bad weather? Go for a waterproof brow pencil!

Take care of your eyebrows just like you do with your lashes or lips. Get a comprehensive brow kit, don’t forget to style and tweeze your brows on a regular basis and enjoy their perfect look every single day.