Breast and Nipple Care

Oils, Ointments and Creams for Breasts and Sensitive Nipples

Keep your breasts in the best condition even during pregnancy and nursing! While your breasts are growing bigger, you need a good nursing bra to allow the milk ducts enough space to develop correctly. Apart from the right underwear, you’ll also appreciate intensely nourishing body care which promotes skin elasticity, prevents sagging and stretch marks, and last but not least takes care of sore and cracked nipples during the nursing period.

Taking Care of Your Breasts During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes your nipples more sensitive and your breasts are growing larger, which might result in the breakage of elastic fibres, skin dryness and subsequent stretch marks. Start using a nourishing breast oil or a firming stretch-mark cream for pregnancy, massage your breasts in circular motions and keep your skin supple and smooth.

Our tip: During pregnancy, you might experience colostrum discharge from the breasts. To prevent your clothes from getting stained, we recommend using disposable breast pads.

Taking Care of Your Breasts after Giving Birth

  • After you give birth, your breasts start producing milk and as a result might get hard or even experience occasional hot sensations. Massaging the hardened areas regularly with a breast oil is an effective way to relieve pain and promote the function of the milk ducts. Don’t forget to wash your breasts before nursing.
  • A protective nipple ointment or a soothing nipple balm should be used every time after you breastfeed or wash your breasts to prevent painful cracks, promote skin regeneration and soothe any irritation. Try for instance a lanolin nipple cream which is suitable even during the nursing period because it’s fragrance-free and completely flavourless. Wipe the cream off before breastfeeding.
  • A bust-firming cream for postpartum weeks tones the skin and improves its overall condition. Your skin will be more supple and it will regenerate faster – the product also promotes blood circulation in the breast tissue and helps oxygenate muscles to keep the skin looking young. Firming bust creams usually contain nourishing cocoa butter or shea butter, hydrating vitamin E or firming collagen.

Our tip: During the first days after giving birth, we recommend using hydrogel nipple pads which promote skin regeneration and can be chilled and used as a cold compress.

Pamper your breasts during pregnancy and after childbirth to keep them looking gorgeous! Find top-quality pregnancy body care as well as other pregnancy products and maternity products at