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Baby Monitor – a Parent’s Little Helper

How to keep an eye on your baby 24 hours a day? A baby monitor will make it possible. These devices are basically a simple version of a walkie-talkie which allows you to check on your baby any time you need to.

Why Are Baby Monitors So Necessary?

A baby monitor is definitely up there with the most useful baby products you can possibly buy. This little device will make the life of a new parent much easier:

  • You can leave the room without worrying if your child is safe and sound. This will give you time to prepare dinner, tidy up, focus on work or have some rest while knowing that you can always be there for your kid.
  • You’ll feel less socially isolated. Now you can invite your friends over and chat with them in the kitchen or on the balcony while the baby monitor tells you if your kid is okay.
  • You can enjoy your holiday. Baby monitors are especially great for travel. No more worrying about any danger when you can check on your kid whenever you want.
  • It turns you into a supermum. Some baby monitors can check the room temperature in the baby’s bedroom, play a lullaby, produce a soothing light or let you calm your baby with your voice when you’re not with them.
  • It teaches the baby to go to sleep. Once you decide to try letting your baby fall asleep on their own, a baby monitor will definitely come in handy.

Basic Types of Baby Monitors

How to choose the right baby monitor? Start by establishing what exactly you want from it.

  • Audio baby monitor: A basic type that allows you to check the sounds your baby’s making. These baby monitors tend to be cheaper and have a bigger range than a baby monitor with a screen. They’re also very compact, which makes them ideal for travelling.
  • Video baby monitor: This type lets you check on your baby visually without going to their room just because they’ve been stirring a little. Video monitors are a little pricier, have a smaller range and the signal is more easily disrupted.
  • Baby monitor with a breath sensor: If your child is under 1 year old, you should monitor their breathing. A combination of baby monitor with a breath sensor will be a great way to do it.

What Are the Differences between Baby Monitors?

Baby monitors differ in their technical specifications – and you should definitely check those before purchasing.

  • The device can transmit sound in several ways: an analogue method, a digital method, or through the internet. Analogue baby monitors have a big range (making them ideal for a larger flat or a house with a garden), but they’re prone to signal disruptions. Digital baby monitors have a smaller range (for tinier urban flats), but the signal is clearer. Online baby monitors rely on your internet connection, which means they’re great for home use but not so much for travel. This category includes smart baby monitors that work as a transmitter connected to a mobile app.
  • Other important characteristics are the range and number of channels. This might not be a problem in a small flat, but if you live in a larger house with many obstacles such as walls, trees in the garden etc., a bigger range will be an important criterion. You should also remember that the more channels the baby monitor offers, the more likely you are to find one without disturbances.
  • Power supply is another essential thing that keeps your baby monitor always ready to be used. It’s provided through batteries (replaceable or rechargeable ones), a mains cable, or a USB charger. A battery-operated (wireless) baby monitor is especially good for travel.

All of these criteria should be your key filter for choosing the best baby monitor to keep an eye on your little one. Whether you pick an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor with a camera, most of them will feature other special settings such as two-way communication, the option of playing a lullaby, various sensors to monitor the situation in the room, and systems of alerts when the baby monitor is out of range etc. Find your new baby monitor today and make sure your child is always safe!