Nail Varnish

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Show off your nails with pride! Your best nail varnish is the one that complements your personality. You can choose the colour based on who you are, your current mood, or the time of year.

Glitter nail polish is perfect for a party, neon ones will look great in the summer months, and French manicure is wonderful for a day at work. Take your pick from dozens of different shades and don’t forget to get the right tools for gel manicure or quality nail care.

Gel Nail Varnish

Looking for a long-lasting nail varnish with high shine and easy application? Gel varnishes are your solution. They dry quickly, last up to 3 weeks and are resistant to scratches. You can choose between 2 types of gel nail polish:

  • UV nail gels: UV gel has to be proven under a UV lamp. It’s applied on top of a base coat and before the final top coat.
  • Lamp-free gel polish: You don’t need to use a UV lamp with this type of varnish. It dries quickly, lasts long and removing it is very easy.

Strengthening Nail Varnish

Worried about your brittle nails that tend to split and break? You can still wear a nice nail polish – just go for a strengthening one. It will thoroughly nourish your nails, regenerate them and make them look healthy and elegant. You can also use the nourishing nail varnish as a base coat for a coloured one.

What Does Your Favourite Shade of Nail Varnish Say about You?

Are you a fan of bright colours, clear nail polish or metallic shine? The colour of your nails says a lot about you:

  • White nail varnish is not just for French manicure. White nails are a symbol of great character, they’re amazing for a wedding and look wonderful against tanned or dark skin.
  • Many people associate black nail polish with sadness, but it represents much more than that. It is said that black nails are favoured by artistic and slightly rebellious souls.
  • Red nail polish is popular with passionate and confident women, while pink nail polish is the choice of dreamers and romantics.
  • Are you courageous with an organised, entrepreneurial spirit? Do you want to stand out? Then go with a purple or blue nail polish!
  • And let’s not forget about yellow nail varnish, which is perfect for optimistic and friendly women who have a sense of humour and a courage to experiment.

If you want your nails to look a bit extraordinary, try a matte nail polish, a brighter shade, or paint every nail with a different colour. Pressed for time? Try a quick-dry nail varnish that significantly shortens the time you’ll have to spend on your manicure.

There are endless options, so go on and find the best nail varnishes and nail varnish kits by professional brands like OPI, Semilac Paris or Essie!