Lip scrub

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Find a good lip scrub and enjoy having smooth, soft lips ready for a kiss. Use a lip scrub on a regular basis and enjoy how irresistible your lips will become.

Why should you try a lip scrub?

By using a lip scrub, you can get rid of dead skin cells, make your lips softer and promote circulation. Lip scrubs are amazing especially if your lips are often dry and tend to peel. Soft, smooth lips are not only more pleasant to the touch, but also healthier. And if you’re a fan of lipstick, a lip scrub will make their bold colours go on easier and last longer.

How to use a lip scrub?

Apply a small amount of lip scrub in a thin layer to wet lips and massage in using circular motions. Repeat until you achieve the desired effect, then rinse the product off and apply a softening lip balm.

Find a lip scrub with your favourite flower. Will you go for strawberry or mango?