Scented oils for aroma lamps

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Discover the magic of aromatherapy. A scented aroma oil will make any room smell divine and turn it into an extremely cosy space where you feel lovely. Try aromatherapy oils that also have an amazing positive effect on your body and mind, and enjoy feeling nice and relaxed.

How to use a scented oil?

Add a few drops of the oil to the water in the aroma lamp and light the candle, or place a bowl with the water near a source of heat.

Popular scented oils and their effects

  • Jasmine lifts your mood and calms you down.
  • Lavender helps with insomnia and migraine.
  • Rose helps with headache and depression.
  • Mint refreshes and promotes brain function.
Try aroma oils or scented candles and enjoy the lovely scent at home or at work! Get inspired by the hygge lifestyle and create a cosy atmosphere anywhere you are.