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Discover the World of Parfumes

Enter the world of fragrance and choose your perfume from! We carry thousands of designer fragrances, Eau de Toilettes, and home fragrances by more than 200 global brands.

We are constantly discovering new perfumes for you, and every week we have dozens of fragrances on special offer available at reduced prices. We carry best-selling fragrance by popular brands such as Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Yves Saint Laurent and Armani, as well as unique niche perfumes appreciated by even the most discerning connoisseurs.


We make your fragrance shopping experience as easy as possible. Use the filter to find women’s fragrances, men’s fragrances or unisex fragrances suitable for any gender. Depending on the intensity required and how long the scent lasts, choose either a perfume, an Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum or Eau de Cologne.

Do you prefer a certain kind of fragrance? Click to filter whether you want a floral, aquatic or woody fragrance, and find just the perfume you want. For the more indecisive among us there are fragrance samples which allow you to test your chosen product in advance.

Apart from Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes, we also sell scented toiletries and beautifully packaged perfume gift sets which are great as gifts for women or for men.

At Notino, fragrances are our speciality. Choose the best fragrance that is perfect for you from our extensive range.

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