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Make your eyes pop with the right eyeliner! Create a sexy cat eye or a round and charming look – in short, do your eyeliner the way you like it! Pair your perfect liner with your favourite mascara and enjoy a great dramatic look which lasts all day.

Types of Eyeliner

It’s really different strokes for different folks – so try and see which kind of eyeliner is best for you!

  • Eyeliner pen is practical and works just like a marker or a pen: you simply remove the lid and draw a line. The tip of the pen helps you create a thin line near the inner corner of your eye as well as a thicker one on the opposite end.
  • Gel eyeliner is also great for drawing both thin and thick lines. It all comes down to the brush – you need one with firm bristles that maintain the same shape and create a precise line.
  • Liquid eyeliner requires a bit of practice, but it can help you create the most beautiful, slimmest line.
  • Even eyeshadow can be used as eyeliner. All you need is to find the right shade and use a thin brush to apply it to your eyelids. Eyeliner drawn with an eyeshadow looks softer and is easier to correct.
  • Eye pencil is just as handy as a liquid or gel liner – if you keep it perfectly sharp. The best eyeliner pencil with a slim tip will create a thin line with a softer look.

Eyeliners According to Their Features

  • Waterproof eyeliner will stay with you through all the summer adventures without any smudging. You can use it all year round – for instance at the pool or at the spa.
  • Colourful eyeliner can be a refreshing alternative to a classic black eyeliner. Grey or brown eyeliner doesn’t look quite as harsh – and bright colours like blue or pink will always look amazingly playful.
  • Glitter eyeliner is perfect for a party – especially if you really want to shine.

Our tip: If you want to make your eyes optically bigger, use a white eyeliner on your upper lids.

How to Put on Eyeliner

Perfect eyeliner is no rocket science – you just need a steady hand and a bit of practice. Don’t forget to start with an eyeshadow base to make your eyeliner last longer and look more striking. So – how exactly do you put on eyeliner?

  1. Imagine your eye is divided into three parts – outer part with the wing eyeliner, inner corner, and middle part from the centre of your eyelid to the outer corner.
  2. Draw a line from the middle of your eyelid to the outer corner – you can probably do that in one stroke.
  3. Then add the inner part – from the point where your lashes end to the centre where you previously started. This is best achieved with the tip of a slanted brush.
  4. Repeat the same process on the other eye.
  5. Finally, create the wing. Start by drawing the line from the outer corner upwards, make sure its shape and direction on both eyes is symmetrical, and then smoothly connect the wings to the rest of your eyeliner, filling in any left-out spaces.

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