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With a varied selection of aroma diffuser refills, you can enjoy a beautiful scent every single day! Simply pour the contents of the refill into your diffuser and fill your home with a beautiful aroma. Choose an aroma diffuser refill according to your personal taste or the event you’re planning.

Which Aroma Diffuser Scent Should You Choose?

  • Citrus fragrances have a refreshing effect and enhance your memory.
  • Fruity fragrances relieve tension and create a soothing ambiance.
  • Floral fragrance will give the right vibe to any romantic date.

How to Choose the Right Dose of Aroma Diffuser Scent?

Detailed instructions for replacing the aroma diffuser liquid are included with the product itself. If you have a standard reed diffuser, rinse it out with warm water after the original liquid evaporates, and then fill it with a new fragrance to about 2/3 of its volume. carries refills for both standard reed-stick diffusers and electric aroma diffusers. Find a fragrance refill for your THD, Maison Berger Paris or Millefiori diffuser and enjoy your favourite aroma!