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        Description of the perfume Amouage Epic


        Perfume bottle



        Overall impression


        Top notes

        Cinnamon, Cumin, Oleander

        Middle notes

        Tea, Jasmine, Damask Rose

        Base notes

        Amber, Frankincense, Musk, Guaiac Wood, Agar Wood, Iris Root

        Amouage Epic Woman is an oriental floral fragrance for women with a strong spicy character from an independent luxury brand of niche fragrances based in London which is inspired by the rich and varied heritage of its place of origin, the Sultanate of Oman. The Epic perfume is supremely luxurious and dramatically sensuous, and, like all fragrances by Amouage, has a uniquely inspiring character.

        Amouage Epic was created by the renowned perfume makers Cecile Zarokian and Daniel Maurel. It was inspired by legends of the ancient Silk Road leading from China to Arabia. Epic is a masterful fusion of the wealth and sensuality of Arabia and the lyrical intensity of China. The luxurious feeling of this perfume recalls the precious essences carried along ancient trading routes.

        Just one whiff of the rich notes in Amouage Epic’s opening and suddenly you see before your eyes Aladdin’s enchanted cave full of gold, pearls, tea, silk, spices and precious incense. The head of the Epic perfume’s composition brings accords of cumin, cinnamon and oleander. The heart is a sensual, honey-sweet and slightly dark marriage of rose, tea and geranium, accompanied by an intoxicatingly sweet note of jasmine. The rich base is composed of amber, incense, iris root, musk, agar wood and lignum vitae.

        The luxuriously lush aroma of the Epic perfume offers a stunning combination of a soothing balm and a warm and fresh spiciness, with a hint of rare woods and a beautiful smoky finish. The truly extraordinary composition of Amouage Epic will delight all lovers of the precious agar wood (a fantastic raw material with a resinous aroma. also known as eagle wood, oud, aoud or oudh, used for centuries to make incense and particularly Arabian perfumes) and its pairing with frankincense and rose. Amouage Epic has the same fatal beauty as the Chinese princess Turandot, for whom her besotted suitors voluntarily faced death.

        The luxurious, rich and immensely inspiring Amouage Epic perfume is suitable for day and evening wear throughout the entire year. It will never fail to make you feel utterly exceptional and brighten your day with a mysterious and exotic atmosphere of ancient legends. Epic will enchant all women who love oriental floral perfumes with a strong spiciness and, as we have already mentioned, everyone who loves the oriental combination of agar wood, incense and rose.

        Besides the arresting fragrances, which are the result of a manufacturing process meeting the strictest standards of quality, all the fragrances made by Amouage also stand out with their luxurious packaging. The Epic bottle, with its beautiful dark green colour and gold decorations, excites with its elegant, sleek and sumptuous design. The packaging is completed by a sophisticated light box with gold accents. Try a perfume from a highly original brand and fall in love with a fragrance inspired by the legendary Silk Road.

        Amouage Epic – a rich, luxurious and inspiring fragrance for the true femme fatale – a seductively sensual woman. 

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