Amouage Perfumes


Amouage is a luxury fragrance house famous for its top-quality perfumes composed of only the finest ingredients from all over the world. The creations of this luxury brand are a pairing of East and West, of traditional Arabian art and modern innovation.


The history of Amouage started back in 1983 in the Sultanate of Oman whose legacy is apparent in every Amouage perfume. All their fragrances are hand-blended from carefully selected rare ingredients which come together to create intriguing contrasts and elegant, harmonious combinations.

The long-lasting perfumes have a tinge of patina and wrap around you like a luxurious silk shawl. Try Amouage fragrances yourself and discover their unparalleled quality as well as impeccable craftsmanship. Some of their most highly regarded perfumes are Amouage Reflection, Gold, Jubilation, Epic, Dia, Honour and Interlude which have gained the status of iconic works of perfumery. 

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Amouage is an independent luxury perfume brand that stands out in the market with its unique rich scents and elegant packaging. Throughout the years, Amouage has stayed true to their pursuit to deliver the best quality perfumes by taking great measures to ensure it. Put together in France and produced locally in Oman, the Amouage perfumes undergo careful quality checks. Innovative niche perfume collections that pay tribute to the art of fine perfume making. Let your senses feast!

About Amouage

The niche perfume company Amouage was founded in Muscat, Oman in 1983 as a request of the Sultan Qaboos bin Said al Said. Although Amouage has its roots deep in the Middle East and their products are definitely inspired by the local culture, the company now sells worldwide and has its headquarters in London.

Besides the luxury perfumes, Amouage also enriched its product collection with bath and home goods. All of these products share exotic ingredients, beautiful packaging and an artistic feel. 

Amouage Unisex Fragrances

The brand also offers a collection of perfumes that are suitable for both, men and women. The beautiful aromas have only the highest-quality ingredients and luxurious unisex packaging. These rich and mysterious perfumes are all under the name of Amouage Opus and come in a variety of unique versions from Amouage Opus I to Opus IX.

Most of the unisex fragrances share a scent family of aromatic, woody, oriental and spicy. These mixed with some floral, green or chypre undertones make the perfect unisex perfumes that are not overwhelmingly feminine or masculine. Perfect for a couple that loves to share fragrances!