Eyebrow dye

Not liking your blond, dull eyebrows? Longing for brows that frame your face perfectly? Enhancing your features doesn’t just mean using lipstick or eyeshadow – it’s also about your eyebrows. Try a good eyebrow dye and give your expression the perfect final touch!

What Are the Benefits of Dyeing Your Eyebrows?

The best eyebrow dye applied with professional methods will give you naturally striking brows. Choose a permanent eyebrow dye, a gel, a mascara, or a powder eyebrow filler depending on how much time you want to spend in the morning, and enjoy perfect-looking brows all day long.

  • Professional permanent eyebrow dyes will enhance your eyebrows for several weeks.
  • An eyebrow gel will fill in your brows and keep them in place. It lasts all day.
  • A loose eyebrow powder gives your eyebrows colour and fills them in.

How to Achieve the Right Eyebrow Shape?

The right shape and colour of eyebrows can change your face completely. This is why you should try to find the best shape, density, and length, and stick to them. Ask a professional makeup artist or use eyebrow stencils to guide you through your first attempts. Sketch the contours of your brows with a brow pencil and then fill in the rest of your eyebrows.