Bielenda Neuro Glicol + Vit. C Night Rejuvenating Serum with Exfoliating Effect

Bielenda Neuro Glicol + Vit. C Night Rejuvenating Serum with Exfoliating Effect
Bielenda Neuro Glicol + Vit. C Night Rejuvenating Serum with Exfoliating Effect
30 ml

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Wednesday 04/08/2021
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Description Bielenda Neuro Glicol + Vit. C

Forget about your wrinkles with the Bielenda Neuro Glicol + Vit. C night exfoliating rejuvenating serum, which contains the perfect combination of effective ingredients in such a high concentration that your wrinkles won’t stand a chance. Plus the rejuvenating serum exfoliates your skin thoroughly so that it can radiate health every single day.


  • revitalises the skin intensively and restores its healthy appearance
  • dual exfoliating effect
  • evens out skin tone
  • smooths wrinkles, reducing their depth and length
  • prevents new ones
  • leaves the skin smooth and looking more youthful


  • glycolic acid – in a high concentration of 4.5%, with exfoliating effects, stimulates the skin’s renewal processes, smooths and evens skin tone, tightens pores and regulates sebum production, has rejuvenating effects and eliminates skin ageing
  • neuropeptides – smooth existing wrinkles and act to stop new ones from forming
  • vitamin C – in a stable form; with strong antioxidative effects, stimulates the production of collagen, slows the ageing process, strengthens and regenerates the skin, evens skin tone and adds radiance, acts on hyperpigmentation

How to apply:
Massage gently into your cleansed face every night. Follow with your favourite nighttime skincare routine.

Complete ingredients list

AQUA (WATER), GLYCOLIC ACID, SODIUM LACTATE, 3-0-ETHYL ASCORBIC ACID, PANTHENOL, CITRIC ACID, DISODIUM PHOSPHATE, ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-8, CAPRYLYL GLYCOL, HYDROXYETHYLCELLULOSE, PHENOXYETHANOL, ETHYLHEXYLGLYCERIN. The manufacturer is responsible for the ingredients of the product. We recommend checking the list of product ingredients directly on its packaging due to potential changes.
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Complexion type
oily, combination, Wrinkles and Mature Skin
Anti-ageing, Brightening, lifting, Exfoliation, Anti Age Spots
When to use
Active ingredients
vitamin C

About the brand Bielenda

The cosmetics company Bielenda is named after its founder Barbara Bielenda, a successful graduate from the Faculty of Chemistry at the University of Gdansk. The huge range includes over 400 products aimed at ordinary consumers, as well as professional beauty salons and wellness centres.
It is interesting that Bielenda was reportedly the first Polish brand to begin selling products containing Ginkgo extract (Ginkgo biloba). They quickly gained great popularity. The creams, bath oils, body butters, and other products by Bielenda are developed on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge. Apart from the ginkgo, you can also find other proven natural ingredients, such as chamomile, aloe vera, shea butter, and olive oil.
Bielenda stands out for its high performance and safety. All its products undergo rigorous dermatological testing. Their extraordinary skin-friendliness deserves a special mention, meaning that even allergy sufferers can use them. Bielenda is sure to appeal to anyone who wants a beautiful, youthful appearance, who suffers from various skin problems, or is seeking quality at a reasonable price.

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