Wavy and curly hair

  • Curly and wavy hair
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Take good care of your curly hair and have beautiful shiny waves! Curly hair tends to dry out and break;

that is why it needs nourishing and moisturising curly hair products that will give it a nice airy appearance.

Wash your curly hair using a special moisturising shampoo for curly hair and always apply a conditioner. Once in a while, apply a deep moisturising hair mask or nourishing oils for curly hair. For styling, use products designed for wavy and curly hair. We recommend styling creams, foams or sprays to fix and shape your hair while keeping it airy and flexible.

Our product range includes a wide variety of products for curly hair. We also offer products specially designed for permed hair, conditioners for frizzy hair, smoothing milks for heat styling and hair mousse for strong fixation.