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Eisenberg Classique Sérum Amincissant Corps body serum to treat cellulite
Eisenberg Classique Sérum Amincissant Corps body serum to treat cellulite
Eisenberg Classique Sérum Amincissant Corps body serum to treat cellulite
Skin typeall skin types
Active ingredientscaffeine

Fighting cellulite or excess fat and getting a slimmer figure has never been easier. The Eisenberg Classique Sérum Amincissant Corps will bring you visible results by eliminating your retained water and fat tissue in only 2 weeks!

This targeted treatment with double effect removes localised fat deposits and cellulite, visibly redefining the problem areas of your body day by day. It contains a unique remodelling complex with a high content of active ingredients that have deep draining and lipolytic effects. The product stimulates lipid catabolism, helping you get rid of accumulated fat and retained water from your arms, tummy, hips, thighs, buttocks, or knees.


  • visible results after only 2 weeks of use
  • reduces the amount of retained water in problem areas
  • stimulates reduction of the fat deposited in fat cells
  • prevents more fat deposits and reduces signs of cellulite
  • remodels your problem areas day by day
  • gel texture which absorbs instantly

Proven clinical effects after 56 days of use:

  • water retention was reduced by 0.62 litres
  • body fat was reduced by 1.04kg
  • 80% of the volunteers noticed their skin was firmer
  • 83% of the volunteers stated their skin was smoother

Results of testing based on self-assessment by volunteers:

  • 73% said the serum had a slimming effect
  • 70% noticed a figure-shaping effect
  • 80% felt the effect of “orange-peel skin” was reduced
  • 93% noticed the draining effect of the serum
  • 75% confirmed the lipolytic effect of the serum
  • 93% said their skin was firmer
  • 95% felt their skin was smoother


  • unique complex of active ingredients (contains an extract from the plant Bupleurum Chinensis, caffeine, and coenzyme A) – promotes the burning of subcutaneous fat and helps eliminate signs of cellulite
  • cocoa butter extract – helps reduce fat deposits and water retention in the skin, activates cell metabolism, stimulates microcirculation, and leaves skin smooth
  • Trio-Molecular® formula – facilitates the absorption of active ingredients into the skin,
    improves the oxygenation of skin cells as well as skin elasticity and firmness

How to use:
Apply twice a day to your problem areas. Massage in using circular motions until the serum is thoroughly absorbed, then apply your favourite body cream. Use the product for a minimum of 56 days. Don’t use on your breasts and don’t expose your skin to direct sunlight after application.

Notino tip:
If you want to achieve an even better and lasting effect, we recommend to keep using the slimming serum at least once a day. The Eisenberg Soin Liftant Corps firming body cream is an ideal supplementary product.

EisenbergClassique Sérum Amincissant Corps body serum to treat cellulite

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