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Eisenberg Classique Body Serum To Treat Cellulite

  • Eisenberg Classique Body Serum To Treat Cellulite

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    • Eisenberg Classique Body Serum To Treat Cellulite  150 mlBody Serum To Treat Cellulite 

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      150 ml
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    Description of the product Eisenberg Classique



    Cosmetic quality




    gel, serum


    All Skin Types


    On a mission to slim!
    The skin immediately absorbs this liquid serum-gel with in-depth action, under your usual body care product (or along with the Body Lifting Treatment), day after day, visibly redefining areas with fat deposits and cellulite.
    This serum-gel contains an Exclusive Sculpting Complex with highly concentrated active ingredients that have an in-depth action on the lipolysis and on the drainage of tissues. It stimulates the breakdown of lipids, thereby facilitating the elimination of excess fat and water retention around the arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees... eliminating fat deposits and cellulite from problem areas is no longer an unattainable goal.
    First visible results* on water retention and body fat in 2 weeks only!!
    (*Clinical trial conducted under dermatological control)


    • Shaping Concentrate
    • Anti-cellulite
    • Stubborn Areas


    This innovative and ultra-concentrated serum* formula must be used twice a day on targeted areas: the arms, stomach, hips, buttocks, thighs and knees. Apply in circular movements until fully absorbed, following with your favourite body cream, for a minimum period of 56 days.
    As a result-maintenance treatment or to perfect results depending on your desires, apply once a day.
    Ideal in combination with Body Lifting Treatment to slim down problem areas through an additional intense firming effect.
    (*Do not use on the breast. Avoid exposure to the sun after applying.)

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