Eisenberg Classique Élixir de Jeunesse Lifting Gel with Brightening and Smoothing Effect

Eisenberg Classique Élixir de Jeunesse Lifting Gel with Brightening and Smoothing Effect
Eisenberg Classique Élixir de Jeunesse Lifting Gel with Brightening and Smoothing Effect
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Description Eisenberg Classique Élixir de Jeunesse

A new dose of energy and radiance for your skin. The Eisenberg Classique Élixir de Jeunesse brightening and smoothing lifting gel with anti-ageing peptides works as a true youth elixir. A biotechnological extract from the Dunaliella Salina algae stimulates skin cell renewal while extracts from ginkgo biloba and green tea act as antioxidants and tone your skin. Hyaluronic acid has a fantastic hydrating effect and instantly tightens your skin.

Use the gel on its own or as a base for makeup – it always gives your skin a beautiful radiance. It also comes in handy during travel or on special occasions when you want your skin to look simply flawless.


  • instantly brightens and tightens your skin
  • removes signs of fatigue
  • has antioxidant and anti-ageing effects
  • provides necessary moisture
  • allows your makeup to go on easier and last longer
  • suitable for your entire face including the sensitive eye area

Results of testing:

  • self-assessment by 24 volunteers
  • 95% said the gel really acts against signs of fatigue
  • 95% confirmed an immediate brightening effect


  • biotechnological complex with an extract from green algae – gives the skin
    a new dose of energy and leaves it fresh and radiant
  • ginkgo biloba extract – helps slow down the process of ageing,
    keeps skin firm and supple, moisturises and regenerates it overall
  • green tea extract – fights premature skin ageing
  • Trio-Molecular® formula – improves the absorption of active ingredients into the skin,
    improves oxygenation of skin cells, and keeps your skin firm and supple
  • hyaluronic acid – moisturises and tightens skin

How to use:
Apply either on its own after using your daily skin care, or mix the product with your favourite foundation to make it last longer and to brighten up your complexion. For special occasions, apply 2 to 3 pumps to your face and then put on your foundation.

Notino tip:
You can also use the gel as a finishing product on top of your makeup. Pat a small amount into the contours around your eyes or above your cheekbones.


Complexion type
all skin types, Wrinkles and Mature Skin
Hydration, Anti-ageing, Brightening, lifting, Revitalisation, Nourishing
Active ingredients
hyaluronic acid

About the brand Eisenberg

Eisenberg, a French brand of luxury cosmetics and perfumes, represents a combination of beauty, timelessness and perfection. It bears the name of its founder José Eisenberg who gave it life and true meaning through his uncompromising approach and creative enthusiasm.

José Eisenberg began working in the fashion industry when he was 21, but he left the field for some time in order to work in IT. When he founded his own beauty brand in 2000, he created a world that combines both of his great passions – art and technology – in a unique way.

All Eisenberg skin-care and body-care products contain active natural ingredients, premium raw materials such as diamond dust or pure gold, and last but not least the patented TriO-Molecular complex. This complex is the result of a 15-year-long research and represents an effective tool which prevents and corrects signs of ageing.

In keeping with the ethos of the brand, Eisenberg fragrances reflect the dreams of their creator. This luxury fragrance line is as precious as the emotions it inspires.

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