Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml
Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Eau de Toilette for Women 100 ml
100 ml

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Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds
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Fragrance description Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is a beautiful fragrance for mature women. It is classified as a floral scent with a gentle woody base. It is perfect for special occasions but it can be also worn on ordinary days when you need to feel luxurious and elegant. The beginning is a bit sharp but it unfurls later to provide you with a pleasant hint of flowers and precious wood.

The sparkling star of the previous century created this blend of feminine charm, noblesse and beauty to please all mature women who have known for quite some time what it is they want from life. White Diamonds, whose fame is notorious because it has made it to the hall of fame of the world's best fragrances and has won a FIFI award, comes in a simple bottle.

Its oval shape perfectly fits into a woman's hand and it is embellished with a golden cap with tiny diamonds sparkling underneath. The perfume by Elizabeth Taylor did not get its name for no reason. It is supposed to evoke the beauty of these precious stones and embellish every woman in at least the same way as a white diamond necklace does.

The sharp top notes consist of Amazon lily, aldehydes, impressive neroli and strong bergamot. The heart contains a bouquet of beautiful flowers. You can smell sweet rose, elegant jasmine, pretty tuberose and fresh daffodil. The pleasantly cooling base includes sandalwood, moschus, oakmoss, intensive patchouli and sensual amber. The compact fragrance is a perfect expression of luxury and has a long staying power.

When she was on top of her fame, Elizabeth Taylor was considered a prototype of femininity and unusual beauty. The late actress left behind a lot of unforgettable things as her legacy, including a few breathtaking fragrances. Elizabeth Taylor perfumes are the same as she was. Extraordinarily beautiful, strong and emotion provoking. Try one of them and gain inner strength, charisma and an unusual appearance, just like fabulous Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds is carried on fascinating notes of flowers, spices and wood. One of the most famous perfumes of all times has been enjoyed by several generations of women. Become an admirer of this luxurious fragrance as well and you will leave a legacy just like legendary Elizabeth Taylor did.


Top notes
Aldehydes, Bergamot, Lily, Neroli, Orange
Middle notes
Carnation, Cinnamon, Daffodil, Jasmine, Orris, Rose, Tuberose, Ylang-Ylang
Base notes
Amber, Musk, Patchouli, Sandalwood
Fragrance category
aldehyde, floral

About the brand Elizabeth Taylor

A beautiful little girl was born in 1932 who wanted to become an actress from an early age. Not only did she manage to become a famous film star, she also became a fashion icon, admired the world over. We are talking about Elizabeth Taylor, who had roles in films such as Lassie Come Home, Father of the Bride, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, The Taming of the Shrew, and dozens more.
Her role in the film Cleopatra brought her fame. From then on, Elizabeth Taylor set fashion trends and soon after her first perfumes followed, created by the cosmetics giant Elizabeth Arden. Elizabeth Taylor perfumes have an enchanting aroma that hits the right note for many women.

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