Freedom Far Away CollectionCosmetic Set I. for Women

Freedom Far Away Collection Cosmetic Set I. for Women
Freedom Far Away Collection Cosmetic Set I. for Women
Cosmetic Set I. for Women

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Far Away Lipstick 3,2 g + Sky-Walker Lipstick 3,2 g + Space Luxe Lipstick 3,2 g + Storm-Trooper Lipstick 3,2 g + The Sith Lipstick 3,2 g

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Type of set
Gift Set

About the brand Freedom

The Freedom brand presents new makeup from London that cares about women’s beauty and attractiveness. It makes special collections, sets, and palettes of its products in a unique way, so that they match and make it easier for girls and women to do their makeup. This way, you can create original makeup that you will enjoy.
Freedom awakens a desire in women to make the decision to use makeup freely and happily. Every woman becomes a professional thanks to the luxury makeup and every professional makeup artist is transformed into a true artist.
Freedom prides itself on the fact that it does not test its products on animals, not even via a third party. Accentuate your natural feminine beauty with cosmetics from Freedom!

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