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Gosh Brow Lift eyebrow gel with 2-in-1 brush
Gosh Brow Lift eyebrow gel with 2-in-1 brush

Whether your brows are unyielding or sparse, the lamination effect will improve their appearance. The Gosh Brow Lift 2-in-1 brow gel with a brush allows you to perform the process of lifting, smoothing and fixing individual eyebrow hairs in the comfort of your own home. In minutes, it creates the illusion of longer, fast-growing hairs, helping to either mask gaps and bald spots or tame unkempt, unruly brows. Try a non-invasive, temporary and cheaper alternative to salon lamination.


  • lifts, spreads and smooths individual eyebrow hairs, fixing them in place
  • gives eyebrows the desired shape, ensures a lamination effect
  • creates the illusion of long, fast-growing hair in a few minutes
  • improves the appearance of stubborn or sparse eyebrows
  • helps mask small gaps and bare spots
  • with a brush applicator and a styling brush in the lid


  • passion fruit oil, argan oil, vitamin E – help hydrate and nourish the skin
  • vegan product
  • with allergy certification
  • fragrance-free 

How to apply:
Before using the Gosh Brow Lift eyebrow gel, make sure that your eyebrows are clean and free of any cosmetic product residue. With the brush that you can find in the lid of the Gosh Brow Lift gel, brush your eyebrows upwards. Then apply the gel and once each individual hair is covered, comb the brows again with the brush in an upward direction to achieve a laminating effect and hold the brows in place.

Notino tip:
If you have light eyebrows, we recommend colouring them after applying the gel or using a pencil to fill in the gaps. You can also use tweezers to pull out unwanted hairs to achieve a perfectly-groomed look.

GoshBrow Lift eyebrow gel with 2-in-1 brush

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