Gucci Pour Homme II Eau de Toilette for Men

  • Gucci Pour Homme II Eau de Toilette for Men
  • Gucci Pour Homme II Eau de Toilette for Men 1

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    Description of the perfume Gucci Pour Homme II


    Perfume bottle



    Overall impression


    Top notes

    Bergamot, Violet Leaves

    Middle notes

    Black Tea, Chilli Pepper, Cinnamon

    Base notes

    Tobacco, Musk, Olive Tree, Myrrh

    Gucci Pour Homme II is an eau de toilette for men who are self-confident, modern and active both at work and in their private life. They love luxury, care for their image and like first-class quality. It goes without saying that women love this fragrance as well. It has a long staying power and is it perfect both for a party and for work.

    Pour Homme II features aromatic essences of bergamot, violet, cinnamon, chilli pepper, tobacco leaves, musk and olive wood. The first-class ingredients make up a slightly sweetish, yet unobtrusive composition whose fresh character will leave you breathless.

    Once again, the Gucci brand precisely played with design and created a very modern flacon that catches attention at first sight mainly with its wooden stopper. It is ideal as a very luxurious gift for men.

    If you want to feel modern and futuristic, Gucci Pour Homme II for men is the best choice. You cannot find better quality anywhere else and the Gucci name speaks for itself in the world of beauty.

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    Gucci Pour Homme II reviews & ratings

    • 06 May 2017

      This is probably my favourite, such a pleasant smell, which lingers and makes me feel good, many people ask : what is that you are wearing? I shall definitely order more, I just hope that they never withdraw this, to me it's the perfect eau de toilette. The only down side is the weight of the bottle

    • 01 February 2016

      Arrived quickly and securely thanks !

    • 13 January 2016
      Katarzyna Maruszewska

      I love this fragrance.

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