Hair Tonic

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Dreaming of strong, glossy hair? Promote its health and thickness with a hair tonic which takes care of your scalp, nourishes it and strengthens your hair from the roots. Use a tonic from Weleda, Wella Professionals or Eucerin on a regular basis and enjoy having thick, visibly healthy hair.

Types of Hair Tonics and Hair Lotions

  • Growth hair tonic strengthens hair roots and the protective barrier of your skin while stimulating hair growth.
  • Anti-dandruff hair lotion soothes the scalp and prevents itching and dandruff.
  • Regular use of an anti-hair loss hair tonic reduces the amount of hair fallout. This product secures the hair in the scalp, prolongs its life cycle and promotes resilience.
  • Cleansing hair tonic for oily scalp reduces excess sebum production while cleaning and refreshing the scalp.

Popular Active Ingredients of Hair Tonics. Why Do They Work So Well?

  • Rosemary – eliminates itching sensations and normalises the amount of fat in the skin.
  • Caffeine – activates hair roots and gives them the energy they need for growth.
  • Horseradish – promotes hair growth.
  • White tea – absorbs free radicals and increases the resilience of roots.
  • Niacin – promotes blood circulation in the skin.
  • Zinc – promotes healthy hair growth.

How to Use a Hair Tonic?

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. To achieve maximum results, apply the tonic regularly to a clean scalp. If you want to enhance the effects of a hair tonic, massage it gently into the scalp. That way, the nourishing ingredients of the tonic penetrate deeper into the skin, get better absorbed and are more effective.