After-Sun Care

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Tanned skin looks amazing on both men and women, but UV light can cause a real damage. It makes your skin drier, tighter, less supple, and causes it to age faster. Trust quality after-sun care to hydrate your skin and counteract all the unwanted effects of sun exposure. Learn about the benefits of after-sun cream, gel and lotion today!

7 Reasons You Should Use After-Sun Products:

  • They hydrate your skin to prevent dryness and tightness.
  • They prevent the acceleration of skin ageing and the formation of new wrinkles.
  • They speed up skin regeneration and restore a healthy appearance.
  • They prevent the upper layer of your skin from quickly peeling.
  • After-sun gels have a cooling effect and calm sunburnt skin.
  • After-sun lotion or cream with beta carotene intensifies and prolongs the effect of your tan.
  • They are suitable after sunbathing as well as sunbed tanning.

Types of After-Sun Products:

After-sun creams are thicker and take longer to absorb. This is why they’re used mostly on face and exposed areas of the body. If you’re in a hurry, try instead an oil-based after-sun spray which can be applied quickly and is suitable for application on your body.

After-sun lotion also goes on smoothly and absorbs well, making it wonderful for your entire body. It has a similar consistency to after-sun gel which often contains a cooling agent. You’ll appreciate this effect especially if you have a light sunburn.

If your skin got red, it burns or hurts when you touch it, use an after-sun product with panthenol – the best substance for freshly sunburnt skin. Applying panthenol to sunburnt skin doesn’t hurt, the product absorbs quickly and offers a nice cooling effect.

And if you’re looking for an after-sun product which offers several effects in one, try an after-sun shower gel. That way you can enjoy a lovely relaxing shower while taking care of your skin after sunbathing.