Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Toilette for Women Refillable

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Eau de Toilette for Women 75 ml Refillable Eau de Toilette for Women 75 ml Refillable 

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Description of the perfume Jean Paul Gaultier Classique


Perfume bottle



Overall impression


Top notes

Star Anise, Orange Tree Blossom, Pear, Tangerine, Rose, Bergamot

Middle notes

Ylang - Ylang, Iris, Plum, Tuberose, Ginger, Orchid

Base notes

Cinnamon, Vanilla, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

Jean P. Gaultier Classique is an intensive eau de toilette for women - a beautiful, romantically sensual and sophisticated, provocative aroma consisting of a playful mixture of floral-fruity essences. Specially designed for self-confident, elegant women with a sophisticated taste. The feminine charm of this perfume by Jean P. Gaultier is embodied also in the design of its flacon which reminds of a perfect silhouette of a woman's body.

This eau de toilette is based on a specific aroma of essential musk, captivating amber, and sweetly seductive vanilla. Built on an exciting combination of blooms of orange tree, anise, juicy pear, and mandarin, it's further softened by romantically tender red rose. The floral heart of Jean Paul Gaultier Classique is dominated by iris, ylang-ylang, and captivating orchid.

This heart also contains a fruity element in the form of a plum aroma, blue as the ocean depths, and a spicy tinge of ginger towards the end to help you open your mind. Thanks to the uniqueness of this eau de toilette you will always feel fresh and naturally beautiful. Its long-lasting effects will draw the attention of every man around you.

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