MIXA Anti-ImperfectionCleansing Facial Water without Alcohol

MIXA Anti-Imperfection Cleansing Facial Water without Alcohol
MIXA Anti-Imperfection Cleansing Facial Water without Alcohol
200 ml

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Product description MIXA Anti-Imperfection

LotionMIXA Anti-Imperfection is a vital step of makeup removal. It removes residual dirt while gently toning your skin.


  • deep-cleans your pores
  • leaves skin matte and soft to the touch
  • provides protection from drying out
  • can also be used on sensitive skin


  • the product is hypoallergenic

How to use:
Apply with a cotton pad and clean the skin using circular motions.


Complexion type
sensitive, oily, problematic
Calming, Anti-acne
Active ingredients
salicylic acid

About the brand MIXA

For more than 100 years, Mixa has been an expert on sensitive skin. If you’re looking for really effective skin care without risk of allergic reaction of irritation, Mixa products are the right choice.

Mixa was created as a pharmacy brand in 1924. Thanks to a lot of research, years of experience, and working with top physicians and dermatologists, the French company built a respected brand and became a real expert. That’s why their products meet the highest standards of skin care for both children and adults with sensitive skin.

You can use the Mixa micellar water for daily skin cleansing and the Hyalurogel moisturising lotion as your go-to hydration body care. Mixa moisturiser will be an essential part of any routine for dry and sensitive skin or those with atopic dermatitis. In short, Mixa is always the right choice.

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