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Top 10 Products by Schwarzkopf Professional

From time-tested classics to the newest launches – discover 10 bestsellers by Schwarzkopf Professional that have been the staple of many people’s hair-care routine. Give them a chance today and your hair will thank you!

Osis+ Flatliner heat-protecting spray

> Protects your hair from heat up to 230 °C
> Smooths your hair and protects it from frizz
> Reduces hair breakage

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Silhouette Super Hold hairspray for strong hold

> Super strong invisible hold without weighing hair down
> Quick-drying spray without sticky sensation
> Brushes out easily

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Osis+ Volume up volumising spray for instant texture

> Spray that enhances natural volume
> Light and flexible hold
> Lets your hair move naturally

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BC Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue balm for hair tips

> Prevents split ends 
> Nourishes and regenerates damaged hair
> Leaves hair ends shiny and silky smooth to the touch

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BC Bonacure Hyaluronic Moisture Kick light moisturising conditioner in spray

> Leave-in conditioner in spray for dehydrated hair
> Provides moisture and locks it in your hair
> Helps with detangling and provides shine

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BC Bonacure Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil hair treatment for dry and brittle hair

> Restoring mask for stronger hair with natural elasticity
> Deeply nourishes and hydrates your hair
> Perfectly closes hair structure to keep hair soft and smooth to the touch


BC Bonacure pH 4,5 Color Freeze sulphate-free micellar shampoo for colour-treated hair

> For a lasting, glossy hair colour – locks colour pigment deep inside the hair
> Free of sulphates – reduces foaming
> Gently yet thoroughly cleans your hair and scalp

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Blondme Keratin Restore Bonding All blondes restoring keratin conditioner for all types of blonde hair

> Bonding Technologie  strengthens existing ion bonds inside the hair shaft and creates new ones
> Contains moisturising panthenol for more hydration and hydrolysed keratin for hair strengthening and renewal
> Protects and regenerates bleached and colour-treated hair

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Mad About Lengths Split Ends Fix eave-in conditioner in spray for long hair

> Nourishes and hydrates the entire length of your hair and makes it easier to detangle
> Prevents split ends
> Adds shine

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Osis+ Refresh Dust dry shampoo in spray

> Dry shampoo in spray for more volume and texture 
> Absorbs oil and refreshes your hair
> Can be also used as a styling product for light hold on freshly washed hair

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